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CSU Leadership Programs Just for You….

CSU Leadership Programs Just for You….

CSU student leader at the student leadership conference.
CSU student leader at the student leadership conference. Image: OFS

Stuck at home? Have you ever thought about exploring all of the leadership programs offered by Charles Sturt University?

There are many programs that you can join and as a bonus, there are many things that you can gain because of it. These programs not only develop your leadership skills but also develop your communication skills, presentation skills, problem solving skills and also allow you to share the knowledge your peers might require, such as directing them to services they need.

Student Leadership Programs and activities

Successful Transition Enhanced by Peers (STEP) Leaders’ program

The STEP program is for senior students in Charles Sturt University Study Centres, usually those in their second, third or above years in their studies, who are continuously achieving higher grades overall for their subjects.

In this program, the STEP leaders help new students to settle and be familiar with the university via different study sessions. STEP leaders provide clear guidance for the students, friendly advises and redirection to students to thrive in their studies.

‘Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Leaders’

Senior students who are part of a Charles Sturt University Study Centre and have obtained a High Distinction for one of the subjects offered in the PASS sessions program should be selected through the formal interview procedure of the university, similarly to the STEP leaders. Here, the PASS leaders will discuss student issues related to the subject and guide students towards the best approach to assessments and exams.

STRIVE Program

STRIVE is a Charles Sturt University program created for students to develop and enhance their knowledge, attitudes and habits for leadership and in future careers. It is available to all Charles Sturt University students and is ideal for any student who is undertaking or is looking at undertaking a leadership role.

STRIVE also allows you the opportunity to gain the recognition for leadership you have already demonstrated previously and connects you with other leaders. Finally, you can get access to resources, concepts and strategies that will help you in your future leadership endeavours.

For more information on STRIVE, click HERE.

I hope you got a better understanding on the leadership programs available to you and make sure you utilise these opportunities to the maximum level. You can improve yourselves in different ways as mentioned above while helping your friends and other students and colleagues.  

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