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Poets of Australia – 6: Beau Taplin

Poets of Australia – 6: Beau Taplin

Taplin is a young Australian poet from Melbourne, Victoria who only recently became a prominent social media sensation and literary icon. He is known particularly for his profound one line antidotes and magical interpretations of reality that manifest themselves in his prose. Taplin has an ever growing social media following and has three published books of poetry and prose.

“You said, 

“Never forget me,” 

as if the coast 

could forget the ocean

or the lung 

could forget the breath 

or the Earth 

could forget the sun.” 

Remember Me, Beau Taplin 

The inability to forget a romantic connection is a common theme of love poems but Taplin takes it one step further. The ocean brings the coast into existence, the lung depends on the breath to function and without the sun the Earth would be nothing but a cold lifeless planet of rock. These things could not be what they are without the other, as in, without the loved the lover ceases to exist.

“Better an oops,

than a what if.”

What If, Beau Taplin 

One of his more well known quotes, Taplin here is highlighting the nature of questioning contrasted with the nature of mistakes. He suggests it is better to have a regret than to miss exploring the unknown. This supports Taplin’s philosophy of embracing the short life we have with all our energy and emotions. 

“It is determining now in this moment, 

to fight on the side of your future, 

to face all that has been holding you back 

from claiming the life you desire.” 

The Architect, Beau Taplin 

This beautiful poem is about having self confidence and not being defeatist about your situation, the hand you’ve been dealt in life. Taplin tells us to know our “true potential”, know our strengths and use them to “improve your own circumstances.” It is a theme which we find in a lot of areas, that the only limits we have our ones which we put on ourselves. Taplin says that “you are limited only by your imagination.”

“You are my sanctuary, the place where I am most understood. 

Even in silence, you hear me speak. 

Even at my lowest, you know where to find the light.” 

Mother, Beau Taplin 

Taplin’s ode to his mother would resonate with many of us who appreciate the maternal figures in our lives, the great influence they’ve had on our actions and the uncountable sacrifices they made for us. He reminds us of what a “miracle” mothers are, as all too often the children are praised as miracles and so too are those that raise them.

Taplin continues to publish his words of inspiring hope, love and the whimsical joy he finds in the world on social media and in his publications. 

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