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The Career 101s: Understanding the Career & Industry Landscape

The Career 101s: Understanding the Career & Industry Landscape

The career industry has completely changed in the last six months. Everything that we knew or could predict about different industries has changed immensely.

With employers more frequently allowing their teams to work from home and the introduction of complex changes which require skills in flexibility and adaptability, it is more prevalent than ever to understand how the industry you want to work in has changed.

Limitless Possibilities 

With a shift into the virtual office landscape, it is easier now than ever before to connect with teams and clients almost instantaneously. This opens up new possibilities where opportunities that offer work from home alternatives expand increasingly on a global scale.

So when you are job searching, investigate whether jobs in your industry can offer work from home options and broaden your search to an international scale. A number of corporations based in Australia have branches established in other continents.

Prepare a Plan B and Plan C 

There is a unique initiative called Job Outlook that offers predictions into the types of growth that may occur in different fields. Developed by the Australian Government National Skills Commission, information is provided on market trends and career projections.

With the current situation however, be prepared for sudden changes. This means always have a backup – a Plan C.  Develop a plan that lets you have something to fall back on. This could mean saving money while you work in case companies have to make further cuts, or casting a wider networking web so that you have someone to turn to when in need. Whatever it is, ensure that it is reliable, operable and accessible for when you need it the most.

Lastly, do not feel discouraged from job-hunting! It is an exciting process that opens up to new learnings about different industries and yourself. 

That concludes the three-part series Career, Industry and Internship Guide. You can find more information and assistance, including tips on resume writing, on the CSU career development page.

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