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What Instagram Accounts You Should be Following When Starting a Side Hustle

What Instagram Accounts You Should be Following When Starting a Side Hustle

If you have every thought about starting a business but are unsure of where to start, here is a list of the top three Instagram accounts you should follow now!

Firstly, with any business, the focus should be on your ability to hustle. Having hustle is not about being the most knowledgeable in the field. It’s about working smarter and understanding your clients or customers and working towards your niche. Where can you find the knowledge that will help you? Instagram. Instagram is a creative tool that when used effectively can be a very concise way in conveying information or solving problems.

The following accounts have been chosen as they get straight to the point, problem or solution that you may need in continuing your startup journey. Here are the top three Instagram accounts you should follow when wanting to start your side hustle.


If you are looking for side hustle inspiration, then look no further than @howbrandsareborn!, a small Media News Company. This Instagram page delves into the origin stories of many successful entrepreneurs. Be inspired by the journeys of those who have come before you. With a focus on the obstacles that small companies face and the beginnings of companies that have exponentially grown, this is an account that will help you prepare for the journey ahead. 


This page has everything from small business inspiration, information and interviews. You can sign up to free webinars and hear about tricks of the trade to market, grow logistically or learn to create a high growth company. If you have any fears or worries about starting your side hustle, this is the place to start when overcoming that.

Youtuber, Podcast Host and now 6-figure CEO Vanessa Lau will give you an in-depth approach to achieving your first paying client, building a strong brand and how to conduct your business for the different types of clients or customers that you may face. Lau’s Instagram page is full of great tips, tricks and secrets to the hardworking success of her coaching business. Although, targeted at those who may want to start their own coaching business, what you learn is applicable to other industries. With a focus on how to grow your brand, building your business on different platforms and creating a good mindset, this is a account you definitely want to follow.

Whatever you choose to focus on for a side hustle, just remember to always choose an area that you are passionate about. All entrepreneur journeys will have highs and lows. Remain flexible and you will always succeed in learning something new.

A few others to check out as well include @businesschicks, @bami.brands, and @garyvee.

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