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Movie Reviews for Students: Hacksaw Ridge

Movie Reviews for Students: Hacksaw Ridge

Do you like history? Are you a fan of inspirational stories? Pen in two time Academy Award winning Hacksaw Ridge for your Saturday night!

Telling the remarkable true story of Private Desmond Doss, this film focuses on the values of integrity, conviction, faith and courage. Doss joined the army as a medic during World War II, the first conscious objector to join the American army. He saved the lives of 50 to 100 men without carrying a gun or firing a single shot and won a Medal of Honour. He struggled through army training and the jeers of his company, due to his refusal to carry or fire a gun no matter what the situation. Perhaps holding a seemingly impractical conviction in war time, Doss became a hero, saving countless lives in one of the war’s most gruesome battles. His story is well worth remembering, a lesson in extraordinary sacrifice and conviction.

Hacksaw Ridge was directed by renowned Mel Gibson, creator of some of the most inspirational works in cinematic history. His talent and artistry shines through in the captive screenwriting, however Gibson assures audiences that the movie depicts Doss’ story accurately. Doss himself was able to see some of the making of the film before passing away. The film has a cast of excellent actors and actresses including Andrew Garfield playing Private Desmond Doss, Teresa Palmer, Vince Vaughn and Hugo Weaving. If that wasn’t enough to make this film a must see, Rupert Gregson-Williams composed the soundtrack. He is most famous for the soundtracks of Wonder Woman and Aquaman but Hacksaw Ridge, in my opinion, is one of his best. Gregson-Williams transports the audience to the battlefield and captures the feats of Doss without glorifying war, a difficult accomplishment.

In our society, it’s sometimes hard not to ignore the distractions, to say no to the peer pressure. Doss shows us that it is possible to stick to one’s convictions, no matter how much other’s oppose us. He was an average young man from a normal town, like us, and if he can do it, we can do it. What more inspiration could we need!

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