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Going from a Credit to High Distinctions – Step 1: Your Workspace

Going from a Credit to High Distinctions – Step 1: Your Workspace

Raising your results needn’t be that difficult. Over the next few weeks, follow me as we go through different steps to get you from getting Credits to High Distinctions. This week: Your Workspace

Creating a healthy and study-conducive workspace is key to getting good marks. Research shows that a well organised and suitable study area enhances focus and cognitive functions, leading to more efficient study and therefore higher marks. I certainly found that this was the case with my marks.

In the first semester of first year, I had a desk in my bedroom that was far too big and had my keyboard sitting on it, not enough sunlight and was chilly, very chilly. The chair was uncomfortable and the light from the window reflected in my laptop screen and was really frustrating. I persevered, for about three days and then ended up doing most of my study strewn across the lounge in the communal living area of the house, surrounded by distractions and developing the worst possible posture.

As students, we tend to abhor the concept of study already, not to mention the elements of freezing temperatures and uncomfortable chairs to the mix. I spent very little time at the library in my first semester. As an off-campus distance student I didn’t fancy the idea of being surrounded by strangers in an unknown environment. I spent copious amounts of time moving from bed to sofa to desk, getting distracted and dividing my attention. Little did I know that there’s a reason Charles Sturt provides quiet study areas in the library.

Fast forward through semester two and three of first year and I find myself sitting at a medium sized desk, in a comfortable chair, some good lighting and most importantly limited distractions. I focus on study for certain hours and if I find myself getting distracted, I take a set period of time off to pursue that distraction (often American Idol funniest auditions).

Most importantly I really make use of the library resources and spaces. The whole environment is catered for students, perfect temperatures set, loads of quiet, other students around you which motivates you to study, far less distractions and more motivation because you took the time to drive there and don’t want to waste the time.

It’s different for everyone but your surroundings are very important to how well you study. Some factors to consider in any circumstance would be: limit distractions, good posture, good lighting and temperature.

Finding your best study area and you could be well on your way from going from Credits to High Distinctions.

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