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Using YouTube to Study Effectively

Using YouTube to Study Effectively

YouTube. It is one of the largest video sharing platforms in the world! With over billions of hours of videos available, there is something for everyone. Ranging from cute puppy videos to how-to tutorials, the capabilities of YouTube are enormous.

Interestingly, YouTube has a large collection of educational and learning videos. These videos cover a wide range of educational topics ranging from preschool to university. If YouTube has vast educational capabilities, how can we utilise it study effectively?

Here are three ways that YouTube can be used to study effectively.

Background Noise

Listening to classical music is a way to relax and can help you study for longer. There are studies that show that listening to classical music help calm the mind and increase concentration. Listening to soft music in the background whilst studying can also help improve focus as it occupies the mind without distracting you from studying.

In addition, there are songs that delve into topics of studies, so if there is a difficult formula you must learn, see if someone has made a song that will help you remember it!

Search Words & Key Phases

If you type in key words that are relative to your area of study, there are many videos that may come up that can explain a concept, formula or equation.

These videos usually explain topics in a way that can be easily understood within a short amount of time. Everyone learns differently and finding a way that explains key areas simply is a great way to learn.

Visual Cues

One of the greatest features that YouTube content creators utilise is the ability to create stunning visuals to accompany their videos. Discover videos that use visual cues to explain topics that you are uncertain about. This will help explain the hardest of concepts in an easier way.

Sometimes reading your text book over and over again doesn’t result in it being absorbed and that can be quite boring. But if you utilise diagrams, imagery and models in your studies, it can help with retain data quickly and for the long term.

These are just a small number of tips that can help you use YouTube effectively to study at uni. Videos are a great learning tool that can help you retain data quicker. You might find that even creating videos sharing your own tips may also be a contributing factor to your university studying success!

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