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Charles Sturt University Earth Hour 2020

Charles Sturt University Earth Hour 2020

image of wind turbine overlooking CSU campus

by Holly Threlfo – Port Macquarie Sustainability Advisor

Like many others, Charles Sturt University has been impacted by the unprecedented events of Covid-19 in 2020. For the students living on campus this meant leaving Res and returning home, compromising the opportunity for events. In particular, on the Port Macquarie campus the annual ‘Spotlight’ event in the honour of Earth Hour had to be cancelled. However, what many students learnt was that Earth Hour, held March 28th this year, was much bigger than this and that there are many ways to save energy, even off Res.

Here are several tips and tricks anyone can use in their household to save energy:

  1. Turn off PowerPoints when not in use and appliances from the wall as well.
  2. Use natural light in the day – open up your bedroom windows and eliminate the need for lights.
  3. Use energy saving lighting – lighting accounts for 7% of our home energy use
  4. Wash on full loads only and on the cold-water setting – it can save up to 100L of water per wash
  5. Hang clothes out and use sunlight to dry them as opposed to a dryer
  6. Convert to wind and solar power – a long term idea to reduce our gas emissions

In 2019, over 188 countries and territories participated in Earth Hour, showing their commitment to focus on environmental actions for a better planet. If this became a regular habit, we could help create a sustainable low carbon future for the earth.

At Home Earth Hour Ideas

Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you can’t do your part. A few ideas include:

  • Candlelit dinner, switching off all lights in the house
  • Raise your voice on social media with the #Switch Off
  • Have a family board game night and ditch the TV
  • Go Stargazing, appreciate the night sky and try point out constellations
  • Use your photography skills and capture the night on camera
  • Make an eco-resolution – switching to eco-friendly products or walking to work more often
This is an SSAF funded initiative
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