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How to Dress For Any Situation

How to Dress For Any Situation

Student life can be extremely busy, especially when you may have other commitments that you must balance amongst study, work and friends.

This guide will provide you with three easy tips on how to simply and quickly put together an outfit in no time and dress for any situation.

Tip One: Know Your Fibres!

Wearing clothes that are made from natural fibres will give you comfort and style. These fibres allow the garment to breathe which will assist in regulating body temperature – you will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

If you know that you have a full day of classes all over campus, a linen, cotton, bamboo or silk garment will offer you breathability that will keep you cool and offer you the versatility for casual or relaxed formal occasions.

That is why a staple piece for any wardrobe this summer is a linen shirt. For everyone, the linen shirt wears well for any occasion whilst looking stylish and flattering. It can also be tucked into jeans, chino pants, shorts or a-line skirt.

The only precaution is that some natural fibre materials do crease easily so it must be hung or ironed the night before if you are hoping to work a crisp look the following day.

Tip Two: The Power of a Good Coat.

For those cool windy days, nothing says comfort and warmth more than an oversized coat.

A blend of synthetic and natural fibres will enable you to retain more warmth inside, keeping you toasty during those early morning lectures or cool summer nights. If you are looking for a cooler coat for those hot days, look out for garments with a higher percentage of natural fibres over synthetic.

A duffle coat is a great simple piece that provides extra detailing than your standard coat with unique buttoning and a hood. Pair it with a denim jacket or chunky scarf to create an outfit in no time.

Another coat that lends itself well to a professional or casual setting is the double-breasted coat. This type of coat offers versatility whilst striking a balance between professional and playfulness. Work this coat with a pair of sleek trousers or a lightweight top and it will provide you with a look that is confident and stylish.

Tip Three: The Secret Ingredient.

If you don’t want to splurge on new pieces and you are looking for a fast way to revamp your outfit, you can’t go past the belt.

The belt is a great addition to nearly any outfit as it is cost effective, can be outfitted in different ways and there are so many styles to choose. The belt can be paired with shorts, pants, dresses or skirts and it can accessorise the tucked shirt or become a bright statement piece for a dress. As a bonus, it can be worn throughout all seasons in any situation.

Fashion is a fun way to express your creativity and personality. The tips listed in this guide will help to minimise the decision-making time it takes getting ready for any occasion. This will allow you more time to focus on the things you enjoy whilst looking great in any situation.

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Happy styling!

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