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Don’t Quit (Motivation to Smash End of Semester Pessimism)

Don’t Quit (Motivation to Smash End of Semester Pessimism)

It’s that time of year when it’s normal for you to be under a lot of mental and sometimes physical strain. It can be difficult to stay focused and you may be questioning whether you can finish your degree. There are a few handy strategies to staying motivated and keeping your hopes up that are sure to smash your end of semester pessimism! 
How’d you feel when you got accepted?
Think of the future, the big picture, the end goal, the dream that drove you to apply for the course. When you got accepted you no doubt felt proud of yourself and excited to start. Don’t you want that feeling again? I can guarantee you will get it when you graduate and again when you get your first job in the industry you love!
How far have you come?
Think of the past, all the assignments, all the late nights and study. You’ve spent hours on one subject alone, do you want all that time and effort to be a waste? If this is the end of your first or second year, think of all that money and time you’ve put into this degree already, surely it’s worth finishing
What do you love right now?
Think of the present, all the Uni parties, the friends you’ve made, the Macca’s runs. How many more amazing memories and experiences will you miss out on if you quit now?
Are you setting yourself up for success?
Surround yourself with good students who can help motivate you to study. Focus on achieving realistic goals each day and you’ll find that assignments have been and gone before you know it! Self affirmations have also been proven to help with motivation and focus. You are smarter than you think and any subject that is a challenge is only going to make you better prepared for your dream career. Tell yourself this when you’re feeling overwhelmed. This is also a great time to get involved with the Allan team who proofread assignments before you submit them. They can offer you amazing help on specific questions or aspects of the assignment. 
If study is affecting your mental or physical health, keep in mind the summer holidays are a three month break. This is a great time for you to take a look at your current study situation and re-evaluate it if need be before census date


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