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Sprung Festival 2019 -what to look out for

Sprung Festival 2019 -what to look out for

By Cassandra Miller – Sprung Festival PR and Marketing Manager

If you are on Charles Sturt’s Bathurst Campus, Sprung Festival is something you get used to. Like Easter, it comes around every year and adds creativity, energy and colour to campus.

Sprung Festival is a student-led performance and creativity extravaganza centred in and around the Ponton Theatre and Creative Hub on the uni grounds. Each year Theatre Media students and anyone else keen to get creative, build a variety of performative works to show off to the public at the end of September.

Each year “Is it that time of year again already?” gets thrown around so much you’d think your car’s CD player was done for good, but each time there are different ways to look at Sprung and fun new things to look out for.

This year Sprung Festival’s theme is ‘capture the moment’ meaning interactivity, photo opportunities and play are key aspects to the festival this year. Cue various on-campus events like Cirque du CSU, and free yoga and tunes on the library lawn acting as fun, bright, photo opportunity-filled moments on campus.

Other key parts of the festival this year include interactive and audience-driven shows. Two shows in the Creative Hub (TV studio) this year are immersive, inviting the audience to place themselves into the worlds of the shows, whether that’s a quirky art gallery or a primary school classroom. You can also see this theme in the Dungeons & Dragons inspired show that uses the audience to change the action, driven by strong character roles rather than a strict storyline.

These shows, events and photo opportunities light up the campus and make us glad to say we can’t wait for September each year!

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This is an SSAF funded initiative
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