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Top 6 things to do in your first year

Top 6 things to do in your first year

Are you in your first year at Charles Sturt? Whether you are studying on campus, online or internationally we have picked the top six things you must do to kick start your first session!

1. Find your people:

No matter how you are studying, being able to connect with other students in and out of your course will enhance your uni experience.

An easy way to connect is through CSUSocial!

This Facebook group is perfect for celebrating uni milestones, sharing assignment tips and bonding over the joys (and stresses) of being a student.

2. Plan, plan, plan:

There is nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed with assignments, study and life all at once. Planning ahead is the key to saving you time in the long run, so even if you do procrastinate, you can still get the job done!

Our hack for planning is to register for online workshops. From study tips to finance and health advice, you’ll be able to cover all bases with an expert and make the most of your uni experience.

3. Know where you have to be and when:

Check out your class timetable. Once you’re in and if it’s available, select the classes that suit you and create your timetable.

You can even save and export it to other devices, so you won’t lose where you have to go!

If you’re an online student, Intensive School may be a part of your course. Find out where and when your classes are, and get ready for an immersive hands-on learning experience.

4. Time management:

Keeping all parts of your life afloat can prove difficult when starting uni. It’s all about self discipline and motivation. Know when to prioritise things that matter or have deadlines and remain adaptable when life starts to change.

At uni, every two weeks aren’t always the same and it’s safest to expect the unexpected.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask:

Build rapport with your lecturers in the first few weeks. Throughout your course, they will be your go-to for all things study and are reliable whenever you’re stuck!

For anything else uni related, Student Central are there to get you through. Starting a degree brings many challenges and they get it, so get in touch no matter what question or concern you have.

6. Attend Orientation:

Orientation sessions for Session 2 are the perfect way to get to know Charles Sturt. We have your orientation to-do list covered from study skills sessions to campus tours. Save these Session 2 Orientation dates:

  • Online activities: July 3 – 14
  • On-campus activities: July 12

Find out more about what’s on during orientation.

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