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Our brand – your questions answered

Our brand – your questions answered

From 1 May Charles Sturt University will have a new look and feel that represents where we have come from and where we are going. You will soon get to experience our expression of who we are across our campuses and online.


Why is our brand changing?

It’s our 30th year as a university and the time is right for Charles Sturt University to celebrate our past, present and future.

Our new look and feel brings to life the values that make our university unique:

Real connections
We believe in the importance of creating real and lasting connections between each other, our environment and our communities.

Make it worth it
We focus on delivering life-changing experiences, enriching your life and equipping you with the skills you need to succeed in a demanding world and change it for the better.

Make it happen
We help you find your first step to a life long journey of learning.

Never stand still
As the world changes, so do we.

How will this improve the experience of students?

Our new brand sits alongside key improvements to student services and systems:

  • We are updating the way you learn online to be even more engaging and bring our online students the latest advancements in learning technologies.
  • We are investigating the needs of our community and our future workforce to deliver courses that are relevant and forward thinking.
  • We are centralising student communication to ensure you get the information you need when you need it, in a consistent and proactive way.
  • We are focused on enhancing the student experience online and on campus, including making support staff more accessible.
  • We have appointed a new Director, Student Safety and Wellbeing to build more inclusive and safer spaces for students.
  • Our new brand will play a significant role in our community engagement plans and we’re engaging more with our local schools about the skills future students need to be successful at university.

Will the university name change?

No. We are, and will remain, Charles Sturt University.

Are our logo and colours changing?

Yes. Our visual identity is transforming – to better represent our unique story and values.

But our brand isn’t just a logo or a colour palette. Our brand is our core mission and strategic direction. It tells the story of who we are and allows us to express our authentic purpose.

Will I need to purchase a new uniform?

No. You should continue to use your uniform until it needs replacing.

How is the brand transformation funded?  

The brand transformation activity is funded by a separate budget for our university strategy. The university strategy budget is separate to our budgets for courses, subjects and services.

Our brand helps us tell the story of who we are, it helps us communicate our values to students, graduate employers and the wider community. We need a strong brand story to continue to be a strong university for our students, graduates and community.

Where can I see our brand in action?

You can experience our brand online and stay tuned for events coming to all campuses to celebrate our 30th year.

How can I give feedback?

You can email

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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