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Your weekly meal plan

Your weekly meal plan

Budget friendly and quick to prep. Take break from stressing about what you are going to eat this week with these quick and easy meal ideas. Kick your meal plan off on a Sunday (to take advantage of marked down products) and commit to not adding sneaky extras to your shopping basket.

Plus, most of these dinners make for perfect leftovers so, get out that lunchbox and start eating well!


Beef and veggie burgers. Use half of your mince to make patties and fry in a little olive oil. Use lightly toasted English muffins for the buns and add cheese, tomato and baby spinach.


Magic meatballs. Cook ½ pasta as per the packet instructions. Make meatballs with the other half of mince (add 1 grated carrot and 1 grated zucchini for veg), fry in a little olive oil. When cooked, add about half jar of pasta sauce. Serve over pasta and top with cheese!


Breakfast for dinner. Beat 2 eggs with a tablespoon of milk. Heat a little olive oil in a fry pan, add eggs to make an omelette. When one side is cooked flip and add grated cheese, baby spinach, mushrooms and a couple of chopped cherry tomatoes. Fold in half and when it’s lightly browned, serve with a toasted English muffin.


Roast veggie pasta. Pre-heat the oven to 100 degrees. In a small baking dish, add the rest of your tomatoes, mushrooms and 2 cubed zucchinis. Season and drizzle with olive oil. Bake for about 30 minutes. Cook the pasta, stir through pasta sauce (leave about 2 tablespoons in the jar). Add ½ of the roasted veg and serve with grated cheese.


5 minute pizza. Toast English muffins, top with a little pasta sauce and add leftover roast veggies. Top with grated cheese and grill.


Out-of-money curry. Soften a chopped onion and 2 garlic cloves in olive oil. Add a tablespoon of curry powder. Add 2 cubed carrots, two cubed zucchini, the rest of your baby spinach, 1 cup of frozen peas and a can of tomatoes. Season and cook until soft. Make double rice and serve with half of it.


Fill me up fried rice. Make a basic omelette using two eggs, remove from pan and chop into pieces. Add olive oil to pan and cook 1 grated carrot and one cup of frozen peas until soft. Add in your leftover rice and egg. Mix altogether and season with soy sauce, tomato sauce, chilli sauce and sesame oil to taste.

Check out my go-to grocery list that I use to make these meals:

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