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How to: ace your first day of class

How to: ace your first day of class

Only a few days away until the holidays are over! Whether you are a returning student or beginning your first year, when the first session starts you are going to be facing all new things. New subjects, new classmates and a new subject coordinator – all reasons to be nervous, but we want you to be ready for your first day.

So, here is our go-to list for acing the first day of Uni:

  • Know your subjects

Revise the subject outline before your first class and scan through the topics. This gives you an idea of what you will be focusing on in your lectures, including modules or readings that you can tackle in advance to be prepared and feel confident.

  • Prep now, not later

Order your textbooks and buy everything that you need as early as possible, it’s better to have everything ready before your classes rather than rushing around on the day of.

  • What’s your plan for the day

Look at your timetable and class schedule for the whole day before leaving home or getting stuck into work. This way you are reminded of what needs to be done and can stay on top of Uni, before it gets on top of you!

  • Dress in confidence 

Wear an outfit that you feel confident in. Everyone wants to make a good first impression towards their peers and an awesome outfit will help take your nerves away too. So, wear something comfortable that showcases who you are.

  • Don’t forget the basics

Pack what you need for Uni the day before – pens, pencils, notebooks, textbooks, laptop etc. This will reduce your stress and you won’t be feeling incompetent for forgetting something as little as a pen.

  • Ditch the nerves

Finally, try not to let your nerves get to you! It’s better to start your first session this year with a positive attitude. Don’t worry about not knowing anything or anyone because everyone is in the same boat and before you know it, you will be acing your course and building great friendships.

I hope these tips help and that you have fun on your first day!

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