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Thrive, don’t just survive!

Thrive, don’t just survive!

Have you ever heard the saying, “P’s get degrees?” I’ve said it many times throughout the two and half degrees I have studied. I too once lived in the philosophy that passing a subject was enough but since then, I have grown up a lot!

Why does thriving matter?

When I began my first degree, I was getting top grades for partying, being an epic housemate and a great girlfriend. At the same time, I was terrible at being a responsible daughter, a hard worker and a diligent student.

I got through the course at base level, constantly reminding myself that we all got the same piece of paper at the end. However, on graduation day – one of the proudest moments of my life – I wished so desperately that I had done more than just passed. I wished that my transcript reflected more than the passes and few fails I had in there.

The regret taught me that studying is so much more than just the social side of Uni life. Studying is about learning your craft and harnessing your skills to perfect it in the workplace.

What happened next?

So, when it came time to studying again, I knew that I wanted to be the best version of myself and chase more than baseline marks. I wanted to excel in my industry skills and experience for future employers to know that they were getting more than the basic criminologist.

As study progressed and the course hardened, I had to remind myself that on graduation day, I wanted to know and feel that I deserved every one of the applause I received.

Three years of criminal justice, criminology and law subjects tested the absolute core of me. I loved the course but it was a challenge. I spent hours upon hours studying, reading, writing and reviewing content. I made notes from each of my weekly classes and sought out the teaching staff whenever I felt lost.

I maximised every resource available and submitted my best work each time.

Did it pay off?

Yes! I graduated in March last year and I felt like I was living my best life. I had my partner and family there to watch it unfold. I knew that I deserved every mark written on my paper and every congratulatory wish I received.

Currently, I am completing my Masters of Secondary Teaching and the desire to do my best is still there.

So, why must we just survive when we can thrive? By all means, enjoy university life but remember why you are here and what you want at the end of this road.

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