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How do introverts make the most of Orientation

How do introverts make the most of Orientation

There are many reasons why you should attend Orientation, even if a week of socialising may not seem appealing to those of us who are introverts.

With these hacks you’ll be meeting friends, having fun and making memories as you start another chapter of your life.

1. It’s now or never

Once the study session starts, you may find that you don’t get out much to meet other students and immerse yourself in Uni life.

Orientation is a great opportunity to discover groups and clubs that interest you, as well as meet fellow students who could become life-long friends. Everyone will be getting to know each other, so you won’t have to feel out of place or alone.

2. Better together

It’s always easier to create experiences together, with one or more friends. If you’re shy about socialising, tag team with a friend to meet other people.

You will be able to support and encourage one another throughout the week.

3. Likeminded people gravitate towards each other

An introverted mind may dislike big group events and parties but no matter where you are, you can always have one-on-one conversations.

Plus, introverts usually find their way towards each other in these settings, which can lead to great connections!

4. Every experience isn’t the same

Remember, all social events have their own unique vibe. You may not have enjoyed previous events and expect the outcome of Orientation to be the same.

However, I have learnt not to judge new experiences off past ones because, as the free spirited would say… we can’t tell the future, anything can happen.

5. Don’t be afraid

We may prefer to avoid small talk and only enjoy deep conversations where we can listen, rather than talk. Or need alone time to recharge after a lot of interaction.

Don’t let this stir you away from social events – it’s okay to take a break, go outside and get some fresh air. Some of my best Orientation experiences happened when I took a quick break outside from a social event.

Orientation is fun and may only happen once for you, so take the risk! Make memories and enjoy the ride. Welcome to CSU.

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