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The Woolmark Performance Challenge

The Woolmark Performance Challenge

Another competition is available for CSU students to enter, and you could win some awesome prizes.
The Woolmark Performance Challenge is an annual product innovation competition. It provides an opportunity to apply the unique benefits of Australian Merino wool to innovative new product applications in the sports and performance market.
Students who enter will have a chance to win great prizes, including:
  • A €10,000 cash prize;
  • A three-month internship with the Woolmark Performance Challenge’s
    2018-19 global sports brand partner Adidas;
  • The opportunity to sell the IP associated with their product concept to
    adidas or The Woolmark Company, at fair market value;
  • Visibility on a global stage via Adidas and The Woolmark Company channels;
  • A two-day workshop with The Woolmark Company (awarded to all finalists) and;
  • Inclusion within the ‘WPC innovation library’ – a members-only portal for
    the top partner brands of The Woolmark Company, who will be looking for
    innovative thinkers with which to collaborate and source ideas.

Interested in entering the Woolmark Challenge?

1. Nominate yourself and provide an outline of your entry
2. Include your supervisors or any project work conducted with CSU that relates to your entry
3. Email this information to the
The competition will close on the 29th of March, so get thinking.
For more information, check out the Woolmark Performance Challenge website

Latest News from Woolmark:

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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