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Enrolment – the how, what and when

Enrolment – the how, what and when

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Enrolment is a must-do before Uni starts up! Whether you’re in your first year or last, making sure you’re enrolled in the correct subjects is your responsibility. Before you get overwhelmed by another thing on your Uni to-do list, check out our easy enrolment step-by-step:

What is enrolment?

Enrolment is the process of signing up for your core and elective classes. You must enrol in classes for Session 1, 2, and Session 3 if you have subjects over the summer break. You will need to check your subjects in your course handbook to see what you should be enrolling in.

When do I need to enrol by? 

To begin your subjects, you need to be enrolled by the first Sunday of each session or sooner. If you are studying on-campus, you’ll be able to view your timetable pretty soon after enrolling.

However, if you start a subject and do not wish to continue it, you also have the option to change subjects or withdraw from it by the Session’s Census date.

How do I enrol?

To complete your enrolment for each session of study you need to:

  1. Check your enrolment
  2. Choose your subjects to study
  3. Add/delete subjects to your enrolment
  4. Update your personal details

The other things you can do with your enrolment is:

Re-enrol now!

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