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9 things on my Session 1 to-do list

9 things on my Session 1 to-do list

Session 1 is once again fast approaching! Whether you think you’re ready or you’re totally freaking out, here are nine things on my to-do list before Session 1:

#1 Clean

Start with cleaning your room and study space. I like to get rid of all the things that could possibly cause me to procrastinate during the semester, such as cleaning my room or arranging my pencil case!

#2 Subject outlines and study guides

I’ll be printing out all the documents I need for each subject now, to get organised and stay ahead of the game. Check your CSU Handbook and Interact 2 for subject information.

#3 Student ID and enrolment

I misplaced my Student ID card, so before session is the perfect time to order a new one because it’s my access to facilities on campus, making payments to CSU and has my student number.

I will also be checking my enrolment details to ensure I have re-enrolled to continue studying and am enrolled in the correct subjects!

#4 Set goals

New session means new goals. It’s time to identify the areas that I struggled with last session and create solutions for them! It could be new strategies or solutions for those panic attacks with hard assessments.

#5 Shopping list

Summer break is a great time to buy stationery and textbooks because things are on sale and in stock. Also, check the CSU Library for any books you might be able to reserve before everyone else!

#6 Create a schedule  

As someone who works five days a week, a schedule is very important. The best way for me is to base my new schedule with the old one and fix things that didn’t work out or won’t work with new subjects.

#7 Readings

Now that I have my subject outline and textbooks, it’s time to get a head start on my readings. This will give me time to figure out which areas I will need help with and gives me more time to spend on ‘hard’ topics.

#8 Extra night shifts

Sometimes I need extra days to prepare for tests and assessments, which can mean a day-off work. But bills don’t stop, so I try to get as much over-time and extra shifts to make up for any days off I may or may not need.

#9 Last hurrah

Before diving back into a world of stress, schedules, assessments and lecturers, I’m taking a final mini trip! An opportunity to create memories with my friends and family, so I know that the break was put to good use and start the year off on a good foot!

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