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Last minute Christmas hacks

Last minute Christmas hacks

Christmas is always fun to celebrate but it is also a very expensive holiday. And for us, Uni students, the struggle really does become real! So, here are my hacks for when you’re running last minute and don’t have the dollars to spend big.


It’s a smart and obvious idea to re-use each year’s decorations! If you want new ones, find a bargain store where you can buy bulk for less.

If you want to have more sentimental decorations, you could make a craft activity out of it with your niece and nephews!

Christmas parties.

What to do if you’re a…

  • Host. As a host, most of the production may fall on you. It’s not always cheaper to cook all the food, a buffet style meal could end up costing less. Or, have a bit of both! A pot-luck-dinner or BYO is also a great idea, so everyone can chip in while you organise the venue.
  • Guest. If you’re that person with ten different Christmas parties this month, share the burden by tagging with another guest. This way you’ll share what you’re bringing and save a few dollars.


  1. Choose who you give presents to. It may be hard but you’re not Santa, so make a list and stick to it. You could even try giving presents to different groups of people in your life each year?
  2. Do not buy presents last minute. You may end up seeing more expensive items that would be ‘perfect’ for somebody! Keep the people that you want to give presents to in mind throughout the year.

Boxing day.

The day that we all wait for, but never really save for! The best way to save? Stay at home or go to the beach! If you have a budget to go shopping, take cash out and leave your card at home to spend within a limit.

The most important tip would be to make a list of each purchase for all the points mentioned above and pay in cash. This guarantees that you will not pay any more than planned!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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