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4 things you didn’t know about studying Health Science

4 things you didn’t know about studying Health Science

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by Jenna Verhoeven

Check out the five key things you never would have picked about CSU’s unique Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) degree that is tucked deep into the science faculty!

1. First rodeo

For most of us studying this degree, it’s not our first rodeo. Many of us are already practitioners in the health and wellness industry, be it Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Kinesiologist, Tactile Therapist and more.

We’re a diverse crew, with different perspectives from our specialisations and a range of experience – from those completing their first degree to some with 20 years of professional practice!

2. Networking

With such a range of experience, this degree is the perfect networking opportunity. Our pool of practitioners from different modalities help us draw referrals to and from.

We can also network with academics, industry professionals and industry figure heads to help kick start industry work, nurture further research ideas or start the publishing route.

3. Stepping stone

Coming into study with an Advance Diploma or an old Degree requires a Bachelor’s to reach the next level and this degree is the perfect bridging course for anyone in the alternative medicine industry.

It’s handy to take our biochemistry to the next level, or dabble in other areas of interest such as Clinical Pain Management or Exercise Science.

4. Opportunity

There are some opportunities you just don’t get anywhere else!

  • During the duration of my degree with CSU, I have been lucky enough to attend a short exchange program to Korea to explore the interplay of Traditional Korean medicine in the modern metropolis of Seoul.
  • I have been able to participate in research methods for sports sciences.
  • I have been able to interact with some brilliant lecturers from other fields, including law and sociology.

The opportunities with this degree are as wide in scope as you are willing to explore.

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