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Tips for life after graduation

Tips for life after graduation

by Amy Carlon

Graduation is fast approaching for many of us CSU students. I bet you all thought this day would never come and here you are now panicking about what life has to bring outside of University. Yes, we can no longer use that excuse of ‘ I’m a uni student.’ It is time to get serious about making a career for yourself!

Use these 3 tips to prepare for life after graduation:

1.  Start job searching 

Did you know CSU has the highest employment rate for graduates? So, if you haven’t already its time to start looking for job opportunities. Whether that is organising your year of placement or applying for jobs elsewhere it’s important to get the ball rolling.

Even creating a LinkedIn profile would be beneficial, it will help you network and find new opportunities with industry professionals. And be open to relocating – job opportunities may take you to places you never thought you’d go!

2.  Consider further study

It is okay to want to study more or make a career change. I highly recommend looking into your post-graduate study options if you are not quite ready to head out into your field of work. Or yes, you may have just studied multiple years in the hopes of a certain career but people and circumstances change.

This was me… I graduated last year and here I am again studying in a completely different faculty and loving it!

3.  Focus on the now

We aren’t quite done yet. Yes, planning is great but you still have a little longer to go, focus on the work you have left to finish strong. Also enjoy the friendships you have made, because life is about to get even busier!

Take these tips on board and get ready to put that cap on! If you need advice to start your career and find your feet after graduating, get in touch with the Career Development Service. Plus, you can get advice from them for up to 12 months after graduating!

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