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What is a GPA?

What is a GPA?

While studying at CSU, you may come across the acronym GPA. It’s an important part of your studies, so find out what it is and what it is used for!

GPA stands for Grade Point Average. This is the number that measures your average study performance over a period of time. So, if your grades are consistently high, then your GPA will be high and vice versa.

Here is a table which outlines how each grade corresponds with the numerical value in the GPA:

So, what is a GPA used for?

GPAs often play a role in your success in other aspects of your university experience such as successfully getting a CSU Scholarship, admission to advanced studies, extracurricular activities and other opportunities available to students with above average GPA’s.

You can calculate your GPA, find it on your Transcript or find out more information here.

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