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Characteristics of a great student leader

Characteristics of a great student leader

Leaders aren’t born, they are made. Being at university has the potential to open so many opportunities. There are sports teams, class and course opportunities and of course all the different student organisations available on campus that you can join.

With SRC nominations currently open, here are five different characteristics that you should have or want to develop if you want to be a great student leader.

1. Being authentic

Just be yourself.

The people around you will enjoy working with you if you are just yourself. Your personality is the first thing people read when they work with you and if you are fun and respectful to be around, you will have no problems at all being a leader. There is a reason you are a leader and it’s because people can’t help but follow.

This was perhaps the greatest thing a friend of mine in the SRC told me. Being new to a role can be daunting and cause anxiety but if you are just yourself and don’t let anything trouble you, you will be the best you can be, because you are you. Show that.

2. Being trustworthy

Being a leader revolves around being trustworthy. For people to trust you means that you do everything you said you would deliver, but also being honest about any mistakes you make and accepting responsibility. Your peers will respect you a lot more, and it shows good character and integrity.

3. Passion

Leaders are extremely passionate and enthusiastic about their work. Being a leader has the power to inspire others, and if they see you being so enthusiastic about what you are doing, they will get on board too. Anything is achievable if you want it to happen.

4. Always be open and approachable

As a leader, the most valuable resource you have are the people around you. Being open and approachable will allow anyone to come to you if they have an idea to share or feedback to give. As a leader, you will never stop learning on the job. And you never know, that next idea may lead to something big.

5. Be a SMART goal planner

Being a leader often involves working within a group and setting goals to achieve. Being a SMART goal planner means that you understand the importance of setting goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound.

Following these steps will allow you and all your peers to manage and accomplish any goal you set upon. This characteristic is also very useful as a student, as you can apply this to anything you wish to achieve through your academic studies here at CSU.

SRC nominations close on Wednesday 25th of July, so what are you waiting for – nominate yourself HERE.

Become a leader today and make a difference in your SRC!

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