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Meet Ella Fyfe

Meet Ella Fyfe

Meet Ella Fyfe –

Currently studying Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), Ella is working to raise mental health awareness and encourage suicide prevention in Wagga Wagga.

Ella works as a Suicide Prevention Support Coordinator at Wellways, through which she engages community in suicide prevention, support post-attempt and aims to decrease the stigma around mental illness.

“I hope my work will result in a community that feels supported and confident in helping those around them,” says Ella.

Her role entails community development and awareness, including currently setting up a working group for the regional suicide response for Wagga Wagga to work alongside the community. She also facilitates community engagement opportunities in refugee support and mental health awareness, and there are reference groups to provide feedback and direction on Wellway’s projects.

Ella is passionate about getting out into community, interacting with people and listening to their stories.

“People have amazing stories that they come up and tell me when we’re out at community events and I find that very humbling,” she says.

She believes that increasing mental health awareness can decrease the barriers around seeking help and encourage people to engage meaningfully with those they love.

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