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CSU’s Leading Lady

Ever wondered what it would be like to be painted green and have to cackle every time you laugh? Alex Vidler did when she saw the world-famous Broadway musical, Wicked, for the first time at age 11. Now, years later, she had the privilege of acting as the green wicked witch of the west, Elphaba, in Carillion Theatrical Society’s 2018 adaptation of Wicked!

Alex is currently in her second-year of Theatre Media at CSU and is passionate about performing and learning to manage theatre productions. Being cast as Elphaba in Bathurst’s production of Wicked enabled Alex to put her learning and skills to practice in a real, industry environment and was an opportunity to work alongside professional theatre practitioners.

Check out Alex’s experience of the show:

How would you describe your character?

Alex: Elphaba is an outcast whose character journeys from happy and bright to evil and dark as the play goes on. She is a fun, yet challenging, character to play because even though she is mostly misunderstood, she is also the underdog that everyone is rooting for!

What did you enjoy most about playing Elphaba?

Alex: Wicked was the first big-stage show I saw and it inspired my dream to go into theatre. The first Elphaba I saw shaped me into who I am in theatre today and seeing so many young girls in the audience made me realise that I am the first Elphaba that they are seeing. So, playing that character was not only a tick-off-the-bucket-list for me, but also a chance to inspire other aspiring performers by bringing my own touch to the show.

How was the experience of being in a professional production?

Alex: It was inspiring to see the cast and crew put into practice what I have been learning in my degree. For months, we have been preparing and rehearsing in our own roles and it was exciting to integrate all the components together in the theatre space. This experience gave me a feel for what life could be like after University in my industry. Being a part of Wicked has cemented my love for performing and the theatre.

Stay tuned for the next big show!

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