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What’s your exam strategy?

What’s your exam strategy?

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Heading into your exam with a plan of attack can help you settle your nerves, boost your confidence and make sure you complete the exam on time.

The team at ALLaNs have a three-step strategy for you:

1. Utilise reading time

Use your reading time productively. Read the entire exam paper and then:

  • Think about the amount of time you might spend on each section,
  • Plan your timing according to the number of questions and marks for each – write it down,
  • Read the instructions carefully and check the number of pages,
  • Consider which of the questions you will answer if there are options,
  • Re-read them and think about a strategy you might use,
  • Identify how are you expected to answer – single word, short answer, complete a diagram,
  • Adjust your watch to match the clock in the room.

2. Answering questions

Start planning the most difficult questions, but answer the easier questions first. This can boost your confidence and provide clues or prompts for answering questions on other, less familiar topics.

Allocate time for questions based on marks available.

For advice on how to answer specific types of questions like essays or multiple choice, download this handy guide by the ALLaN team.

3. Final minutes

Use all the available time and never leave the room early!

Try to include time to revise your work so you can:

  • Check your answers,
  • Make sure your writing and figures are legible,
  • Check spelling and grammar.
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