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How I made an Independent CSU Global experience become a reality

How I made an Independent CSU Global experience become a reality

Being abroad is for sure a wonderful way to expand horizons and learn about the world and yourself. CSU Global offers amazing programs to get you overseas and learning – while obtaining credit against your degree while you do it.

I had specific areas of interest that weren’t quite covered by these existing programs, and so decided to go in search of an Individual Program that would take me where I wanted to go in my studies.

Here are my tips to turn your Individual Program dream into a reality:

  1. Don’t rush the search

Ask lecturers, Google search, look at the summer programs of leading institutions all around the world. You may find some amazing programs and want to dive right in, but keep on looking and really think about the directions you would like to see yourself in the future. I found an amazing program at the Parsons School of Design in New York for example – but eventually found a program a month later that fit in with my passions more specifically.

  1. Plan ahead and talk to your Course Director

If subject credit is what you are after, make sure you check in with your Course Director because they will need to confirm that the program is relevant and that credit can be obtained this way.

  1. Check eligibility and CSU Global guidelines carefully

Will you apply for a OS-HELP loan to fund the trip? Have you completed enough studies to be eligible? How long will the processing of paperwork be?

  1. Time it right

Would you prefer to take on an overseas program in your break? In term? At the end of the year? Next year? Planning ahead is a good thing.

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