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Why study a creative degree? – Tobias Krebs

Why study a creative degree? – Tobias Krebs

by Amy Carlon

A creative degree can be your ticket to a thriving community and open doors to a wealth of opportunities in a range of industries. I caught up with Tobias Krebs to find out more about where he hopes his degree will take him.

What degree are you studying?

I am in my final year studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts and Design (Animation and Visual Effects) at CSU.

Why did you choose to study a creative degree?

It was my only option. I had no other way to learn Animation. I was fortunate enough to have an Animation degree in my home town so going to university was viable.

How do you stay motivated to study?

I am not always motivated but I am always disciplined. I don’t consider my animation work studying; I see it more as training. Every day I make sure to draw for at least three hours, minimum. If I don’t, I will not improve. Luckily for me, animating frame by frame is my only sense of fulfillment and I am always excited of the possibilities with 2D animation.

What is the key thing you have learned so far from your degree?

That a good work ethic is the key. I have seen many talented people come and go because their natural talents made them lazy.

Where do you hope to go in the future?

My goal as a creator is to create my own series for Nickelodeon, but right now I am finishing up my film Breakfast in Bed and, come September, I am hoping to hit the Film Festival circuit.  From there I am hoping some bigger opportunities come about.

Would you recommend this course to other aspiring animators?

I am lucky as I have extreme tunnel vision and stubbornness. My degree is catered more to 3D animation which is by far my biggest hate! I have taught myself 2D animation. When not doing university work I would spend all my free time trying to improve at my craft. Luckily for me, this lifestyle worked out all right and now, in my final year of study, I have had the joy of only doing 2D animation.


Illustration by Tobias Krebs

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