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Facing your future: How to stay calm as you graduate from university

Facing your future: How to stay calm as you graduate from university

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CONGRATULATIONS! You are in your final session of your degree. All those years of hard work, assessment deadlines and 8am lectures are drawing to a close as you edge nearer to your graduation day.

No more university means no more group assignments, no more piles of textbooks in your bedroom and no more sitting up all night trying to write your marketing report. Ahh, bliss.

It all sounds so wonderful until you realise no more uni also means you no longer have a routine, you’re officially a job seeker and now you’re out in the real world.

Before panic sets in, stop and take a deep breath. Use these tips to keep calm and carry yourself into the beginning of your professional life.

Remember you’re qualified

All these years of hard work have actually given you something. A degree! And what does a degree mean? It indicates that you are fully qualified in your area of study.

As daunting as it may seem to no longer be a student, you know a lot more than you think. Your degree has taught you everything you need to know to break into your chosen industry with specific, relevant and useful skills to put your best foot forward.

Apply for jobs before you graduate

To give yourself the best opportunity at success, and to stop your mind going into overdrive the moment you graduate, start applying for jobs in your final session.

Some professions are in such high demand that you’re practically guaranteed a full-time job when you graduate. For those of us who aren’t so lucky, the earlier you start applying for jobs, the better. You’ll start getting your name out there, understand what job requirements are and how you fit those roles, and boost your chances of landing your first industry job.

Talk to the experts

CSU’s Career Development Service is still there to help you, even after you’ve graduated from your course. In your first 12 months out of university, you can still make an appointment with a staff member from the Careers team. They can help you write refine your CV, understand how to address selection criteria, or feel more prepared for interviews. Make the most of their free advice!

You might not get full-time work straight away and that’s okay

How many people are there in your course? How many universities around the country offer your course? Therefore, how many graduates will be competing against you for a job? A LOT!

Competitive industries might not be able to offer you a full-time job the day after you graduate from university. It’s easy to fall into the slumps, asking yourself why you worked so hard to land a casual or part-time role. But don’t fret.

If you come across a job opportunity that suits you and interests you, take it! You can only build up from here and let’s face it, you’ve got an entire career ahead of you to work full-time.

Keep yourself busy

Coming out of university might seem like a relief and a much-needed break from years of study, but it’s a huge change to your everyday life and day-to-day routine.

Keep yourself busy so you don’t find yourself feeling bored, nervous, or lost.

Take a holiday, complete an internship or do some short courses to keep you busy and motivated.

Set yourself goals

The key here is to make sure these goals are achievable. Set goals that keep you motivated and can help you work towards your career ideal.

Try to meet a new contact every week who is relevant to your industry. Become a member of CSU Alumni and keep an eye out for events where you can network with other graduates in your field. Work some part-time jobs for a while to get used to full-time working hours or plan some fun activities on days off so you have things to look forward to.

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