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Five myths about the Rhodes Scholarships

Five myths about the Rhodes Scholarships

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Have you heard of the Rhodes Scholarships? If not, you may have heard of some former Australian Rhodes Scholars; Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, former prime minister Tony Abbott and human rights lawyer Jennifer Robinson.

There are many misconceptions about what it means to be a Rhodes Scholar. You might have even started an application but put it down on the thought that you’re not “sport enough” or “at the top of your class”.

But if you’re an Honours or Masters student, if you have strong grades and if you’d like to continue your studies abroad at the University of Oxford, the Rhodes Scholarship could be in your reach. If you’d like to be surrounded by a bunch of extraordinary and like-minded students, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

So let’s bust a few myths and get your application back on track.

1. Most Rhodes Scholars end up as political leaders

Not all Rhodes Scholars go down a political pathway (although if that’s your dream, you can!). There is a broad range of postgraduate programs offered at Oxford, including biochemistry, international development, Imperial history, conservation and more.

2. You have to be sporty

Also false. The selection criteria mentions: “energy to use one’s talents to the full”, but this can be shown through a wide variety of extra-curricular pursuits and leadership opportunities. A Rhodes Scholar in this video admits he isn’t a sports superstar!

3. The Rhodes Scholarships are only open to men

Wrong! Although, this was the case until 1977.

4. The Rhodes Scholarships are elitist

No. The Rhodes Trust actively encourages applicants from all backgrounds. The learning in the Rhodes community is much greater if there is genuine diversity.

5. You have to be single to be awarded a Rhodes scholarship

Married applicants are welcome to apply for a scholarship. Applicants should bear in mind, however, that the scholarship stipend (for tuition, college, flights and spending money) is only sufficient for one person.

Have we convinced you yet?

Applications are open now and close on 14 September 2017.

Selection criteria and information on how to apply is available on the Rhodes website, or you can email for help with your application.

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