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A day in the life of an online student

A day in the life of an online student

CSU online student studying in a cafe.
CSU online student studying in a cafe.

Having previously studied on campus, the concept of studying online was daunting at first. Now I have my moments of reflection when I’m sitting at my desk, listening to my recorded lecture, in my pyjamas, with a hot milo. It’s then I realise that it’s actually pretty fantastic working to your own schedule.

I study a Master of Human Resource Management (with specialisations) with CSU online and am finding it really enjoyable! I don’t have any face-to-face classes, so I can choose to watch lectures at my own leisure. To ensure I actually listen to them though I had to develop a weekly schedule, especially on busy days like my normal Monday.

So what’s an average Monday look like for me?

8am: Time to wake up and seize the day! A hot shower followed by an even hotter coffee is an essential start.

9am: Alright, time to see where I’m up to with those online lectures! Strategic Human Research Management, Lecture #7, Performance Management it is!

11am: I’ve finally finished watching the lecture and taking notes from the PowerPoint slides. I’m feeling a bit peckish and wonder if I still have some cashew nuts leftover in the cupboard…

11:30am: Okay now I’ve had my morning snack and smashed out a lecture, it’s time to finally get changed out of my pyjamas (online student perks) and head to the library to do an assignment!

12pm: I have unbelievable luck and score a booth in the library (these are rare to find!). My assignment is for Organisational Politics, and involves analysing a particular workplace and the role organisational politics plays within it.

1pm: 458 words down, I decide I’ve earnt a quick snack break so I head to Crave, the library café, and grab a yoghurt covered muesli bar.

4pm: Four o’clock came quick. I’ve spent a few hours at the library and am surprised at how much of my assignment I got done, who knew I got so distracted at home!

I have a Head Residential Advisor meeting at 5pm, so I need to go home and take some notes to prepare for that. Head Residential Advisor’s lead and support a team of Residential Advisor’s in a specific area on campus – my area being Murrumbidgee Village. Our main role is to deal with critical incidents that occur on campus, and provide guidance to the Residential Advisor’s as they look after the physical and mental wellbeing of their students.

I got this job by starting out as a Residential Advisor in Murrumbidgee Village and then applying for the Head Residential Advisor role at the end of last year and ended up getting the role!

5:00pm: Time for my first meeting of the night. Tonight we’re speaking about upcoming events, and any incidents that have occurred throughout the week.

6:30pm: One meeting down, one to go! I thought I’d better make some dinner now while I have the chance or else everyone else will hear my tummy rumbling in the next meeting. Zucchini pasta is my quick and easy fix!

7:00pm: I decide to sneak in a quick episode of Riverdale before my next meeting. We all need down time, right? Tonight’s episode looks crazy good, we get to find out who killed Jason.

8:00pm: Now I’m off to meeting number two with my Residential Advisors. I’m feeling a little drained, but the other RA’s always know exactly what to say to get me laughing. Meeting two agenda includes preparing for our ball and discussing how we’re going to launch our new ‘Get Real’ campaign surrounding mental health awareness.

10:00pm: Finally! All of my meetings are done for the day. Now it’s time to shower and curl up on the lounge with a green tea and revise over my study notes!

By Ainsley Barrett

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