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A day in the life of a photography student

A day in the life of a photography student

by Amy Carlon

Ever wondered what’s actually involved to get that high quality image? Why your selfie doesn’t look like the cover photo of that magazine? Or what it’s like to study a Bachelor of Creative Arts and Design (Photography) at CSU? Well, there’s actually a lot more to photography then taking a few happy snaps and chucking on a filter.

I‘m currently in my third year of a Bachelor of Creative Arts and Design (Photography) at CSU and thought I’d give you all a sneak-peek into a day in my life to show you what us photography guru’s get up to. As a photography student it hurts me to say that the images below are only iPhone quality, because believe it or not, we don’t always have cameras with us!

9am: I won’t lie to you I had a bit of a sleep in. I then started my day by sizing image files for print – this was for my assessment portfolio. Sizing your files is a crucial step in the printing process as you don’t want to print the wrong size image and ruin the quality. Not to mention waste the ink and paper.

Desktop computer with photography software

10.30am: Next I attended an ‘Aspect of Design’ lecture in which we are learning about 20th Century design and focusing on the Bauhaus movement (originally an actual design school that became very influential) which is about combining crafts with fine arts.

Fun fact: this subject isn’t just for photography students! It’s filled with animators, graphic designers, and even TAS students.

12-1 pm: I then had to wait for my printing appointment. The excitement was real at this stage because CSU have one of the best printers!

And finally, my work came to life! Which is such a rewarding outcome to all that hard work in trying to capture the perfect moment.

Once my photos finished printing, it was time to cut the prints (I chose no border). This particular assessment really lets us explore our own photography style.  You can see that I‘m certainly a lover of colour and nature! For the final touches I put the images into my portfolio, ready for marking.

12:30 pm: Once printed it was then time to cut the prints, I chose to have no border on mine! This assessment and year we really get to explore our own photography style and I am certainly a lover of colour and nature! The final touch was putting them in my portfolio ready for assessing!

Printed photographs for a portfolioPortfolio photographs being trimmed to sizeAssembling a photo portfolio

3pm: Although I study photography, I have the option to study some electives throughout my degree, so I chose advertising as one of them. Today’s afternoon task is to smash out the last of my advertising assessment for a media channel recommendation for NRMA.

Laptop showing an advertising assessment on screen

6pm: I’m a resident on campus and every term we try to have a block dinner together! It’s great to socialise with everyone, especially because it’s so hard to catch up during busy periods. The theme for the dinner was Mexican food and boy it was yummy!

Students at a Block dinner

8pm: And now here I sit, writing down my day. Or I guess you could say procrastinating and avoiding my other assessments (guilty).

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