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Apps to keep you on track

Apps to keep you on track

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by Angus Morrissey

Being a uni student can be demanding – you’ve got assignments to complete, work commitments, and numerous social events to attend. In this busy lifestyle it’s hard to stay on track. Here are a number of smartphone applications which can make your life a little smoother.

‘TripView’ (iOS, Android)

Wanting to travel? The TripView app allows you to find the quickest route to and from all stations and bus stops by train, bus, or light rail. Craving a trip to Bathurst or Orange? Or even all the way to Sydney? This app has you covered, providing you with the perfect travel organiser. You’re provided with regular updates on your desired route and accurate estimates on the departure and arrival times of transport services. A must-have for students.

‘Timetable’, ‘My Class Schedule, ‘Class Timetable’ (iOS, Android)

Continuing along the student planner theme, we have three timetable applications. Timetable (Android) allows users to map their personal timetables onto their phones with ease. My Class Schedule (Android) and Class Timetable (iOS) are planning apps that encompass the typical spreadsheet-style layout, which tend to be more popular with students. The apps send reminders and alerts directly to your phone, saving you a lot of time and hassle in case you forget about that 9am lecture.

‘Freedom – Reduce Distractions’ (iOS)

If you’re someone who’s guilty of wasting valuable study time as you excessively scroll through your newsfeed, or watch too many videos, this is the app for you. To eliminate the distractions in your life, Freedom – Reduce Distractions allows users to block apps and websites of their choice for a set amount of time. This way you won’t be distracted by Facebook, Instagram or anything else unproductive.

SoundNote (iOS)

For the iPad users out there, SoundNote is a popular lecture app which acts as a notebook and an audio recorder, enabling students to store a full lecture in both visual and audio form. Gone are the days of students needing to scribble away furiously on their notepads as they listen to their lecturer breathlessly narrate. Seamlessly and inexpensively, the app allows students to record and listen back to their classes in their own time. Cheap and convenient – what’s not to love?

Oxford Dictionary of English FREE (iOS, Android)

Regardless of what degree you’re studying, you’ll be required to undertake a long list of readings. From personal experience, I have been confronted countlessly with words that I don’t know the meaning of.  Download Oxford Dictionary of English so that you can teach yourself specific concepts. It’s an app that teaches students to how to comprehend information.

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