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Signs you’re in your final year at university

Signs you’re in your final year at university

by Amy Carlon

Ah graduation! The day we’ve dreamt of. The day that pushes us through weeks of studying for exams and endless assignments. If you’re graduating in 2017 (or planning to), firstly – an early congratulations. Secondly, you’ve probably noticed the following now that you’re in your final year at uni:

You have a spring in your step.

You might still have a year to go – but that’s it. Just one more year. And you find it fascinating that this thought can brighten your day in a second.

You think you could have studied that little bit harder.

Something we continue to contemplate – could I have worked harder to get better grades? But it’s never too late to increase your GPA. You might even question your 18-year-old self and the irresponsible decisions you made earlier in your studies (we all do it).

You might even question if this is actually what you want to do with your life. Not to worry, that’s just a sign it’s all coming to an end.

You’re super organised.

You’ve also noticed your workload has doubled in size (how is that even possible?) and you’ve finally decided to get organised. You’re only regret is that you didn’t do it in your first year. However organisation doesn’t mean you’re going to get your assignments in earlier than normal. Because there’s no point in breaking tradition now, right?

You’re torn between partying and studying.

You have two competing thoughts when it comes to going out with your friends:

“It’s my last year of study and my last chance to get some really good grades.”

“It’s my last year. Ever. Do it.”

You start thinking about life after uni. 

Considering you’ll be fully qualified by the end of the year, you start wondering what you actually want to do, and where you want to do it.

You also get upset thinking about the day you have to say goodbye to that retail or café job that’s served you well and got you through uni.

You start freaking out.

Because, what if, by some small chance, you can’t graduate and have to stay at uni for ANOTHER year. Or at least another session. This makes you study even harder in order to pass.

You’re not ready to say goodbye.

As much as you don’t want to admit it, you’re dreading leaving the uni life that you’ve grown to love and cherish. For a split second, you think about studying another degree, and then you come back to reality. And although this is a legitimate option, you know you’ve earnt a break.

You feel old.

Your ‘adult life’ is about to begin and you realise that you’ve actually somehow matured over the course of your time at uni.

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