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My Digital Communications Internship experience

My Digital Communications Internship experience

Digital interns Maddie Catanzaro and Mitchell Lamm
Maddie Catanzaro and Mitchell Lamm - two of the digital interns

To highlight yet another way that SSAF funding supports CSU students, we caught up with three digital communications interns, Mitchell, Maddie, and Ashley to hear about their experiences working for the Social Media team at CSU in 2016.

Maddie Catanzaro

When I first applied for the Digital Communications Internship at CSU, I expected that I’d be creating content for multi-media platforms. And although this is what I did, the job became so much more.

The internship made me appreciate the inner workings of CSU. It drew me out of my comfort zone by meeting new people, but I was able to learn and share ideas. I also started taking interest in news and events around the Uni that I wouldn’t have previously.

The brainstorming sessions forced me to think outside the box, and I was able to extend my media skills in a creative and practical way.

I was introduced to a career that I hadn’t considered, but am now aware of the digital world wherever I go. I notice and appreciate the online content of other organisations, and even took a keen interest in the digital media department of the television networks I interned for.

This job allowed me to speak on behalf of those who could not, to write and create progressive material and shine a light on the amazing qualities of CSU and its students.

Mitchell Lamm

Being a part of the Digital Communications Internship program was a rewarding and fun learning experience in 2016. When I applied, I wasn’t entirely sure what would be involved. I just assumed I’d be taking photos for CSU every now and then.

But it involved so much more – the work was fantastic, and even better, it’s the industry I’ll be working in after graduating as a TV production student.

My favourite part about the internship was using the CSU Snapchat account. I’m not the kind of person to approach people confidently, so initially I was really scared about exposing my personality to thousands of students. Once I started being recognised as the “CSU Snapchat guy”, I was proud and excited to do more.

Attending events as a photographer developed my skills and helped me to put my name in the industry, which created more photography opportunities around campus. Photography is my biggest passion, so it was amazing to be recognised for my work.

Film-making is another one of my passions that was fuelled through the program. Working with the Social Media team and students on campus grew my professional work ethic – a skill I’ll take into the workforce.

One of the more challenging aspects was the writing component. However, by the end of the year I found that my writing skills improved to the point where even my mother commented on my ability!

2016 was a huge year of personal development and the internship program played an enormous role in that. I’ve not only had so much fun working on projects, but have learnt more about myself along the way too.

Ashley Hendry

I applied for the Digital Communications Internship because it really excited me. It gave me an opportunity for work experience in the digital community, while studying at the same time. Social media is forever expanding, and I believe that improving the skills needed to work in this area will assist me within any industry that I choose to work in after graduation.

The highlight of my time as an intern for CSU was hosting a Facebook live session on the CSU Facebook page. My task was to film a chilli eating contest at the Port Macquarie campus for the Foundation Day celebrations. Not only did we stumble across some very brave students, but we also had some hilarious reactions to the spicy sensations.

During this time, my social media skills improved, and I learnt how to connect with people in the digital world. I also learnt about blogging, how to write, what content works best, and how fun work can be when you enjoy what you do. The Digital Communications Internship is a program I would highly recommend.

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