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Elite Athlete #1: Alana Thomas

Elite Athlete #1: Alana Thomas

Team of CSU athletes in dicussion on the sporting oval
Team of CSU athletes in dicussion on the sporting oval. Image source: CSU Image

Number crunching and coaching a rugby team might seem like opposite ends of the career spectrum for some. However, Elite Athlete and accounting student Alana Thomas thinks they’re very compatible. As a former Australian Women’s Rugby player and current Victorian Women’s Rugby Coach, Alana strives to balance her twin passions of sport and study.

Alana has always been interested in maths and numbers at school but instead decided she wanted to be a PE teacher after school. After spending a year in the UK, Alana realised there was more to life than sport and discovered her love for numbers. She also discovered that her passion for numbers could provide her with a career in accounting whilst remaining in the sporting world.

Alana told us, “Sport is only around for a short period of time in most people’s cases, so having something to fall back on is really important”.

“In my role as a coach I need to analyse my player’s performances on and off the field and provide feedback. In accounting, you’re analysing numbers to get the best returns and growth out of the business.”

“Both need critical thinking, people skills and communication to ensure that you can get the best results,” Alana said.

Alana’s love of numbers and passion for sport has driven her to be the current Business Services Coordinator at the Victorian Institute of Sport and a rugby coach at a national level. She hopes to one day work as the Chief Financial Officer of a sporting organisation.

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