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You know you’re a Port Macquarie student when…

You know you’re a Port Macquarie student when…

Two Port Mac students sitting on rocks at the Port Mac beach
Two Port Mac students sitting on rocks at the Port Mac beach. Image: CSU Image

Living in Port Macquarie has its advantages. Firstly it’s the only CSU campus with a beach, which means you can actually swim in the surf between classes.

Secondly, it’s just brand new (we only moved into the building in April), and believe it or not, it actually looks like a resort. It’s pretty much a full time holiday here at the Port Mac campus (apart from the classes and study). Being a Port Macquarie student also means you’ll understand these 15 things…

  1. If someone refers to the town’s name as Port Macquarie, you know they’re not a local. Here, we call it Port.
  2. You consistently fall back on online shopping. It’s just a bother to visit ‘Setto’ or Port Central (even though it’s only 10 minutes away).
  3. You’ve slowly memorised every rock along Break Wall walk.
  4. You’ve had your fair share of Ridgey Didge Pies after a night out.
  5. You know how to properly pronounce the ridiculously named surrounding suburbs (Lake Cathie – not Lake Cath-ie… it’s Lake Cat-eye).
  6. What even is Uber?
  7. Although they’re abbreviated, you know exactly what’s meant when people say Macca, Alti, Beachy, and Finnos.
  8. Even if you’re a new student and haven’t had the chance to experience Down Under, you still know it as SMUTS.
  9. The donut, is no longer just a simple food.
  10. You never catch public transport.
  11. You agree that anywhere longer than a five minute drive is a trek.
  12. On the rare occasion the temp drops to 20 degrees you’re pulling on a jumper.
  13. You’re not sure whether to wear swimmers or your pyjamas to class.
  14. No matter how hot it gets at campus, you know there is no air-conditioning coming to your rescue, just breeze ways and louvered windows to bring in the cool air.
  15. Even though there are so many great things to do around Port, you’re still convinced that there is nothing to do.
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