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Which res is for you?

Which res is for you?

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As a first-year student, heading to university is a life changing move. Choosing what accommodation is best for you can also be quite overwhelming (unless you’re from Dubbo, than you won’t have the burden of choosing). But don’t stress, this is an exciting time of your life, and choosing a place to live isn’t as hard as you think. Finding the right accommodation is about prioritising, so here’s a list to do just that.


Your decision will be easier if you ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is a ceiling fan an essential part of my room, or do I prefer the natural breeze?
  2. Do I need an air-conditioner?
  3. A bar fridge means cold drinks from the comfort of my room but can also make weird noises at night, which do I prefer?
  4. How much space do I need to store my belongings?


Would you rather be close to the food outlets for quick snacks, meals and coffee, or live near the library for late-night study sessions? You might even rather live on the outer skirts so you can sneak in extra steps to class #fitspo.

Some types of accommodation are close to cafés and hang out areas, whereas others have better access to parking or provide a more quiet area, so you just need to decide what you prefer.


One of the main factors of where you’ll live is price. You need to ask yourself:

  1. Would I rather have meals provided or cook for myself?
  2. What does my budget allow?
  3. Do I need to buy textbooks and stationary supplies?


Don’t forget, there are accommodation scholarships available to all commencing and continuing students. These can help relieve the stress on your bank account, so jump on and check what you’re eligible for.

If you need advice regarding accommodation, call Student Central on 1800 275 278.


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