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Last minute New Year’s Eve plans

Last minute New Year’s Eve plans

by Amy Carlon

If you’ve been distracted by Christmas festivities then you might have forgotten to make New Year’s Eve plans. Here’s some quick and easy ways to spend NYE with your friends or family, so get planning.

House party

If you’re allowed – nothing beats a house party where you can enjoy the comfort of your own home (or a close friend’s) and avoid the chaotic masses of people out and about on the busiest night of the year. Fill up a blow up pool, grab some fairy lights and make some nibbles. If you want to make an impression, there are plenty of ideas for DIY last minute NYE decorations online. Get set in for a night to remember with your friends.

Watch the Sydney countdown and fireworks

If this is not a tradition of yours, make it one this year and watch the countdown to 2017 and the fireworks on Sydney harbour on TV. The best part? Being able to watch it from your own couch. Spend New Year’s Eve winding down with your friends who didn’t make any plans either.

Go camping

If you’ve picked a destination to spend New Year’s Eve and it’s too late to book a hotel room, camping might be your last option. Lots of places have camping grounds (check online), or if you just want to experience camping without the travel, set up a tent in your own backyard. You can even make a DIY tee-pee.

Go for a hike

Check out the hiking locations nearby that’ll give you the best view of the fireworks. Bring a picnic rug and some snacks to sit back and reminisce about all of the great memories from 2016.

Take a road trip

Road tripping with your friends makes for a great weekend away. So why not do it on NYE? Head to the beach closest to you or a town you haven’t visited before. Embrace the summer weather and spend the day at the beach. Finish the night by scouting the local fireworks display (because what’s NYE without them).

If you’ve spent all of your money on Christmas presents (you’re welcome Mum and Dad), then you’re piggy bank might be at an all-time low. If your finances won’t allow for any of the above, then spend NYE enjoying your campus city’s festivities. Jump on the local council website and see what’s on. You’ll find street parties with food, live entertainment and a night ending with fireworks.

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