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Graduation letter to myself

Graduation letter to myself

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Four years younger, worried, and not sure what I wanted to do with my life. That was me, as I began my first year of studying business at CSU. Little did I know the journey I was about to begin and the changes that would occur along the way. As my graduation day looms, I thought it I would send my younger self some advice about what I’ve learnt along the way:

Dear Maddy,

I’m writing to you as you begin your first year at university. You’re probably anxious, nervous and excited to get started. You’re also probably confused about whether you’ve made the right decision, so I have a little advice before you commence your four year hike at uni (yes, four years, not three!).

First of all, don’t stress about telling your mum and dad you want to change courses. You’re young, so there’s plenty of time to experiment with what you want to do for the rest of your life. Listen to yourself more than others. Of course you should listen to your parents, but if you’re not going to enjoy studying a particular course, then change.

Don’t rush your time at uni. Although all you can think about is graduating (fact), it will go so much faster than you think. In the blink of an eye of all those dress up uni nights, O Week activities and lunch dates with your besties between classes will be over. Enjoy sleep-ins and doing nothing all day while you can.

Your grades are important, but don’t forget to have fun. Go to as many social events as you can, spend time with your friends, and play sport. University is more than just getting good marks – it’s about the memories you make. It’s a massive time in your life so you want to look back and feel good about it.

Stop working so much! You will never have “enough” money, so stop putting yourself through hell and working so many hours. Earning money is for after uni.

Enjoy living with your family. By graduation your brothers and sisters won’t be living at home anymore, so enjoy the time with your family as much as possible. And put your phone down! Facebook can wait.

Stop stressing about exams. You’ll spend weeks locked in your bedroom memorising your textbook, sipping on your fourth coffee for the day. You’ll also feel nervously sick walking into every single exam and you will lose sleep from the thought of failing. Try not to stress, it’s not good for you. I can safely say there was no need to worry so much.

And lastly – it will be OK! Come your last session of uni when the assignments are endless, work is crazy and you’re sick of travelling an hour and a half to class, you will just want to throw in the towel and give up. But trust me, you will get through it. It might seem never ending, but it does end, and the journey is just as rewarding as the outcome.

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