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Ways to revamp your room this summer

Ways to revamp your room this summer

Cartoon image of students bedroom.
Cartoon image of students bedroom.

OK, its two weeks into summer and I’m already bored. What can I do?

If you’ve ticked off your summer check list already and are looking to fill in time, then you might want to give your room a design revamp. Here are a few tips to find a few authentic and quirky pieces to liven up your room.


It might be tempting to stay home and relax these holidays, but getting out and exploring can make great decorating items. Polaroid snaps, souvenirs, memorabilia from places visited, and posters from events will liven up your walls. It also makes good reminiscing when you actually just want to stay home and relax.

If you want explore a little further, collect flowers that catch your eye and press them in a frame for some DIY art. It’s guaranteed to impress visitors.

Try some travel

If you’re heading overseas this summer, or even just around the corner to a different city, then you’ve got a golden opportunity to stock up on furnishings. Textile items like cushions, and wall hangings can recreate a space – as long as they fit in your luggage.

If all else fails there are online stores that sell homewares directly from the crafters you can search for.

Support local business

Head to your local markets to source hidden gems – you’ll be surprised by how much you’ll find. Shopping in person means you can check out the items before you make a purchase too (the only thing you can’t do online). Bonus points go to the local markets as they often combine second hand goods and handmade homewares in one easy to reach location. They’re often better quality than anything you order on eBay too.

If markets aren’t your cup of tea, look in op-shops. This will be more of a fun treasure hunt than a leisurely browse, making those items you do find all the more special.

Make a statement

Although small changes in your room are good for a refresh, focusing on one statement piece can change the entire feel of your room. Shopping for one perfect item is also a great way to spend a summer day with your friends.

For a high impact piece, try a new bed head, a plush rug to tie the colours in your room together, or a bold piece of art.

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