Windows 10 in teaching rooms and computer labs


Windows 10 will soon be available in teaching rooms and computing labs at CSU.

The deployment of Windows 10 will begin from 31 October 2016. Computers used for teaching with specialised software will be upgraded at a later date.

Handy hints for Windows 10

Start menu programs
Applications installed on the computer can be found in the start menu under the “All Apps” section and are listed in Alphabetical order in Windows 10.

Logging out or locking the computer
Logging out or locking the computer is slightly different in Windows 10. All you need to do is click on the windows start menu icon, then click on the CSU icon on the left-hand side.
–    Select “Lock” to lock the computer and remain logged in
–    Select “Sign Out” to log out of the computer.

Computers in the Learning Commons and computing facilities will still log out automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity.

This service is currently being evaluated for use at CSU.

Web Browsing
The new Edge web browser appears in the task bar by default in Windows 10. Give it a try as it has many new exciting features. Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox are all installed in all teaching rooms and computing labs for use depending on your own preference.

Cortana is available as a new way to search in Windows 10 and can be found in the start menu.

Where to Find Help