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How to research your dream company

How to research your dream company

In the world of job hunting, you’ll want and need to stand out in the crowd. A great place to start is to spruce up your resume, polish your online profile and arrive early to the interview to show your commitment.

All of the above are fantastic ways to impress your possible employer but if you’re looking to go one step further you should research the company prior to your interview.

In a recent survey, 51 per cent of Aussies found that the company they work for didn’t quite match their initial thoughts.

It’s not only a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of company polices and functions, but it also gives you time to reflect to see if this is the right area for you and your career.

So, what exactly should you research before your interview?

What the company stands for
This isn’t about what they do, it’s about whether their values and mission align with what you believe in and want to achieve. If they do – great! Make sure you let the employer know you agree with their values and what you can bring to the table to promote these. If your beliefs and the company’s values don’t align, at least you’ve given yourself an idea of whether it really is the right job for you.

The latest news and developments within the company
By having a general idea of the latest restructuring of the company or the most recent development, you’ve showcased your interest to the employer, and given yourself some talking points after the interview.

A brief history of the company
You don’t have to rattle off the entire history mid-interview, but it’s handy to know where the company started and how they began. There’s also a possibility the employer may ask you what you know of the company, so the more you know, the better your chances!

Who the company works for, or who works for them
It’s important to know the type of people you’ll be working for and who their clients are, so you can get a feel for the quality of work expected of you. Just remember, the more you can stand out and make a positive, lasting impression during the interview, the better your chances are of landing that ultimate dream job!

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