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How to spend your summer

How to spend your summer

How will you ‘spend’ your summer? When it comes to your summer break, there are three options that come to mind. You can:

  • travel
  • make money
  • study.

It’s the one thing that universally motivates all students through exams – summertime. With almost four months of break in our sights, it’s difficult to know what to do during that time. Do you want to have an extra subject under your belt and study over session three? Should you find a job so you can save money for the next uni year? Do you want to make the most of your youth and travel the great big world? Or maybe you can’t decide. All three are very viable options and strong arguments can be made for them all.

Make money

Having a job comes with two equally large pros and cons – money vs time. Summer is such a great time to catch up with friends and family which will often need to be sacrificed if you are working. But then again earning money means the next university year (at least the start of it) will be a lot easier for you if you have cash saved up.

At the same time, four months of doing nothing can get really boring quickly and having a job stems off some of that boredom. If 2016 was your first year at uni, you may want to think about lining up a job for every summer at the same place so you can secure some money between sessions.


So you want to see the world while you’re still young? The summer is the perfect time to do it! However, it comes with the penalty of spending money and losing time with your family and friends and depending on the location it can come with other risks. That being said, travel is a fantastic opportunity. Once you leave uni, you may begin full-time work and from there, there may not many chances for you to travel.


Maybe you want to get ahead in your degree and take an extra subject over the summer. It can be a great way to get another skill under your belt while you might otherwise be doing nothing. However, many people feel they deserve a break during the summer holidays and just want to relax. This makes it very difficult to stay motivated and do the study while everyone else is out at the beach or on adventures.

At the end of exams, you may decide that you want to do all three –make money, do some travel and brush up on your study! There’s four months of holidays which gives plenty of time to divide the time up and conquer the world!

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