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How to apply for graduation

How to apply for graduation

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December is quickly approaching which means time is running out to finalise graduation ceremonies, dates and payment.

Eligibility notifications for December 2016 graduations were sent out in September and applications close before final grade releases.

CSU’s Graduation website has all the information you need to be ready and prepared for your big day at the end of the year, but we’ve made a crash course to-do list for you anyway.

  1. APPLY! If you haven’t already applied to graduate or attend a ceremony, do so. Right. Now. Check your email to see if you have an application, or visit Student Central if you believe you haven’t received one and are intending to graduate this year.
  2. Check your enrolment in Online Admin. This includes your name and course details, including if you are studying a specialisation or joint study. Be sure to raise any questions with Student Central.
  3. Choose where you’re graduating. CSU has two options to graduate; the first is attending a graduation ceremony at your campus and the second is graduating in absentia, which means your graduation certificate will be sent in the mail.
  4. When submitting your graduation application, highlight how many guests will be attending your day of celebration with you and if they have any special requirements, such as dietary or the need for wheelchair access.
  5. Pay for your graduation by early November. After you’ve submitted the graduation application, follow the instructions to pay for your academic dress hire, light refreshments on the day and your guest tickets.
  6. GRADUATE! It may seem a little while off yet but hey, we can still be excited for it!

All outstanding fees, grades and course requirements must be finalised by mid-November for the confirmation of your eligibility to graduate to be sent to you by late-November.

CSU Career Development Service helps students with their career choices and provides one-on-one appointments, resume reviews, help with job applications, career plans and interview skills. If you are looking for help with anything mentioned in this article or you just need to have a chat about jobs and graduate positions, email for an appointment with a Careers Development Officer or visit the website to find out more information.

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