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Making the most of your last weeks of uni

Making the most of your last weeks of uni

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How many items have you ticked off your university bucket list this year? If you’ve just started uni, you’ve got a few years to get to those cafes and places around town. For those of us who are graduating, our time at uni is nearly up, which means we need to get in as many activities as we can!

I know for me, I have still a few places, cafes and towns I’d like to visit around Bathurst. I finally managed to get to Ben Chifley Dam the other day after three years (better late than never right?). I would definitely encourage you to check out your local historical sites because let’s face it, after three years (or more!) in the one place we’re basically locals.

Hit up the local watering holes before you graduate too, or if you’re a Port Macquarie student and are blessed with the beach nearby, definitely hit the surf as much as possible!

Also on your graduation bucket list should be finalising your studies. Keep your head high for that last exam or assessment and be sure to make connections with your lecturers; after all, they’ve gotten to know you pretty well over your time at uni and could be big helpers once you enter the “real world”. There’s no harm in asking them how to get the dream job or where to start looking.

At the very top of your to-do list should be actually applying to graduate! Graduation doesn’t magically happen, so make sure you’re ready and able to graduate by checking out CSU’s graduation site. You’ll find information for each campus, dates, what options are available to you and what to actually do on the day.

Graduations dates vary for different courses and campuses so be sure to double check your enrolment and personal details so you can send those mortarboards flying on time!

Your university years are filled with memories both on and off campus, so make the most of the time you have left and fill them with coffee dates and movie nights, a trip to the river or a day out in the park. Say your goodbyes to the lovely ladies who make your coffees in the morning or the guy who always helps you figure out how to use the scanner in the library.

Make the most of your time now before the next big chapter starts. Good luck!

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