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How to create the perfect resume and cover letter

How to create the perfect resume and cover letter

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Whether you’re getting ready to graduate or you’re just wanting to find a summer job to help you get through next session, we’ve got you covered with these top tips on how to create a killer resume and cover letter.

First things first: what is a resume and a cover letter?

Well, a cover letter highlights and discusses your strengths in relation to the position you are applying for.

A resume, on the other hand, provides a simple snapshot of your work experience. It is a summary of the most important aspects of your career and qualifications.

CSU Careers Development Officer, Suzie New, says the type of resume and cover letter “varies on your career”, but they all serve the same purpose – to land you that job!

So, here are some top tips to get that job with the best resume and cover letter combo possible!

  1. A cover letter is generally a one-page document and goes hand-in-hand with your resume. Stick to this rule to avoid having your possible future employer looking through pages and pages of information.
  2. Be specific. A cover letter and resume should cater to the job you are applying for. A cafe owner doesn’t need to know you have a passion for fluffy animals in your cover letter – you can mention that after you get the job!
  3. If you’re applying for a casual position or a summer job, your resume and cover letter can be slightly more functional than descriptive.
  4. Be formal. Even if you know the business owner or you’ve met the CEO before, resume and cover letters are a formal document and they may not be the only people reading it.
  5. When using a formal greeting such as “Dear Sir/Madam” sign off with “Yours faithfully”. If using the person’s name such as “Dear Ms Jones”, sign off with “Yours sincerely”.
  6. Highlight your employability skills. If you can work with a team and on your own, mention it! If you’ve been a team leader or can speak another language, write it down!

Career FAQs is a great tool to utilise from the initial process of looking for a job to landing the interview. Check out their website for great resume and cover letter templates as well.

CSU provides many resources on how to create a resume and cover letter, and there are countless services and information out there for you access on how to create the one that fits the particular job you’re applying for. A great resource for this is CSU’s Job Application information document, a comprehensive booklet on cover letters and resumes.

CSU Career Development Service helps students with their career choices and provides one-on-one appointments, resume reviews, help with job applications, career plans and interview skills. If you are looking for help with anything mentioned in this article or you just beed to have a chat about jobs and graduate positions, email for an appointment with a Careers Development Officer or visit the website to find out more information.

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