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CSU graduates come out on top

CSU graduates come out on top

Pharmacy students in workplace setting: Highest graduate employment rate in the country

Let’s be honest, nobody really wants to grow up and become a “proper adult” (whatever that may be).

But if you’ve enrolled in a uni degree, chances are at least part of your motivation is to get a new or better job at the end of it.

That’s where you’ve made a great choice by studying at CSU.

Our uni has just been shown to have the best graduate employment rate in the country.

That means more CSU grads find full-time work within four months of finishing an undergraduate degree, compared to other universities.

The stats are based on the latest Quality Indicators of Learning and Teaching (QILT) data, which was released this week.

CSU’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Professor Toni Downes, said the top ranking could be linked to the hands-on learning students experience at CSU.

“At Charles Sturt University, we focus on workplace learning and ensuring our graduates develop the real-world skills employers are looking for,” she said.

Even better, when you graduate from CSU you can also expect a decent pay cheque, because CSU also came in second for graduate salaries, with an average pay of $60,000 for grads in their first job out of uni. Now that’s an improvement on your part-time student job!

So while we may not want to, we will all have to grow up eventually – and at CSU, you can rest assured you’re being well prepared for the real world.

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